EDI Services at ESIS

ESIS Solutions for Suppliers

Would you like to find an easier way to receive orders from your bigger customers? Have some of your customers requested that you get set up to receive their orders electronically?

Here's some good news - ESIS offers solutions for suppliers as well as for buyers.

Hundreds of suppliers now contract with ESIS to deliver their data through our Harmony Order Management System or HOM. Through a special service agreement, we can set your company up to receive any X12, Edifact, or SPEC2000 transaction from any customer. HOM eliminates the need for translator software and other fees.

Regardless of your company's size or technical capabilities, ESIS offers an easy, affordable way for you to meet your requirements for e-commerce without having to hire programmers or learn a difficult new system. Best of all, the cost for the service is minimal, and the setup is quick and easy.

We provide all the support you need to launch the system.

We'll contact your customers for you and set them up. Once this is complete, you'll only have to log onto one secure, user-friendly web site to get your orders from multiple customers.

And if you need assistance, you'll never get voice mail at ESIS. Our friendly customer service/ technical support team is available to help you from 5:00 AM-5:00 PM Pacific Time Monday through Friday.

Think about it-wouldn't it be great to receive orders from your customers this easily?