EDI Services at ESIS

Your Suppliers' Perspective

What's the number one reason e-procurement initiatives fail? Lack of supplier acceptance! If you fail to consider your suppliers as you select a solution, you may be doomed to failure regardless of the time and effort you spend on a system. Never forget that supplier buy-in is key to your success!

Here are some axioms to consider:

  • Provide your system free of charge to your suppliers. Suppliers are understandably resentful when asked to pay for your system. Footing the bill yourself will ensure you a better supplier adoption rate, and it won't jeopardize your trading partner relationships.
  • Remember that you are not your suppliers' only customer. They may be forced to log onto many different web sites in order to receive their orders from many different companies. Make sure you implement an open system that can deliver documents from other companies as well as your own.
  • Choose a system that fosters communication between you and your trading partners rather than inhibits it.
  • Provide a system that allows both you and your suppliers to increase operating efficiencies.
  • Be sure your system is easy to use. Any necessary training should be available online. Suppliers won't use a system that has a big learning curve.
  • Be sure that the system accommodates all of your suppliers regardless of size and technical expertise. It should be capable of delivering the data in each supplier's desired format-Internet, EDI, etc.
  • Make sure telephone support is available for your suppliers during their business day.

ESIS' Harmony Order Management system was designed with both the buyer and the supplier in mind. Regardless of their company's technical capabilities, your suppliers will find HOM easy to implement. ESIS allows your suppliers to receive documents from all their customers in one secure place. Best of all, the system is free to suppliers, and unlimited customer service is just a phone call away.

Consider your suppliers' needs as you choose a system, and you'll have a big head start on a successful project. ESIS is the supplier-friendly supply chain solution!