EDI Services at ESIS

ESIS Bar Coding

A web-based bar coding solution is another key module available with the Harmony Order Management system (HOM). Many customers already know that bar coding can create efficiencies in receiving and significant savings in staff time associated with expediting, tracking and correcting data entry errors.

But setting up a bar coding system involves considerable time and money for buyers and suppliers. Buying software, creating the custom solutions required by customers, and testing the system can be frustrating as well as time consuming.

With ESIS' bar coding module, you don't need separate software or entry systems. We create the bar code format based on buyer specifications. When they are ready to ship an order, suppliers use the ESIS system to create ship notices and bar codes all in one transaction. Buyers are guaranteed to get the correct format every time. With HOM, virtually all suppliers can be bar coding instantly and only testing once, with ESIS and the customer. This solution is ideal for all buyers who want to push the limits to get ALL their suppliers to bar code in record time!

Key Features of the Bar Coding Module:

  • The bar code is defined and implemented per your custom specifications.
  • Testing is done with ESIS rather than with each supplier.
  • No special equipment is necessary. All suppliers need is a printer and the appropriate-sized labels.