EDI Services at ESIS

EDI and Integration Options

Now there's an efficient, cost-effective way to receive all your X12, SPEC2000, and Edifact documents.

ESIS has been processing EDI since 1992. There are currently over 25,000 suppliers using ESIS to receive and send EDI transactions from their customers across multiple industries. Why should you consider ESIS?

ESIS will take any EDI transaction from your customers and deliver them to you the way you choose to receive them.

Have it your way.

With our web-based application, Harmony Order Management (HOM), all you'll need is a connection to the Internet and an email address. But maybe you're ready to automate your orders. If that's the case, we can send you flat files that you can load directly into your own system.

Either way, ESIS will handle all the set up, including all mapping, testing, and communication with your customers. ESIS will process your data and upload it to our web application or post it on an FTP site for you. And we'll give you the capability to create all the return documents necessary for every transaction.

ESIS is designed with the supplier in mind.

We've included features like automatic email alerts when you have new documents, the ability to save data to a text file, and the ease of printing all your orders at once.

ESIS is affordable.

You can process an unlimited number of transactions without paying per document or character fee charges. You won't need translator software or have to pay upgrade, maintenance or mailbox fees. And, as always, ESIS customer support is free.

So what are you waiting for?

Fill out the form below and we'll show you just how easy it can be! If you prefer, you can call us direct. Just dial 858-530-0060, ESIS is ready to help!

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