EDI Services at ESIS

ESIS Adds Experience, Innovation, Versatility, Support and Universality to your Portal Portfolio!

Now ESIS offers you an opportunity for even greater portal functionality and benefits. ESIS can deliver your supplier communications wish list!

You've launched your own supplier portal because you understand the benefits of eCommerce-increased supplier collaboration, reduced cycle times, reduced inventories, more productive buyers, increased data accuracy, and elimination of manual data entry. Now ESIS offers you an opportunity for even greater portal functionality and benefits. ESIS can deliver your supplier communications wish list!


At ESIS, we've spent more than two decades learning what buyers and suppliers need and designing our system around those needs. ESIS will customize our application to extend your portal functionality. We can streamline your business processes while promoting best practices and enforcing your business rules with your suppliers. Purchase Order to Fulfillment, VMI, Forecasting, Shipment and Inventory notifications, Ship Notices, Bar Coding to Invoices. It's hard to find an eBusiness standard, a document type, or a supply chain business process that ESIS doesn't already support!

ESIS works with over 250 complex manufacturers and 25,000 suppliers. Join companies that include Honeywell, Textron, Goodrich, United Technologies, Volvo, Caterpillar, ATK, AAI, Gulfstream, Spirit and PACCAR and experience the ESIS advantage!

State-of-the-art innovation saves you time and money.

Why spend months and thousands of dollars extending your supplier communications functionality when you can quickly implement a customized system with the most state-of-the-art technology and functionality? If your company has invested heavily in your proprietary portal or an ERP system, outsourcing to ESIS will help you leverage your technology investments.

  • Reduce early and over deliveries with Advance Ship Notice rules.
  • Reduce receiving time with 100% accurate bar codes.
  • Automate invoicing and pay receipts.
  • Empower your buyers to work exceptions first. ESIS alerts buyers of order exceptions and supplier activity according to your guidelines.
  • Keep your suppliers on track. ESIS notifies your suppliers by email when they have orders to pick up.

So how does it work?

Simple. ESIS plugs into your current supplier portal adding the supplier communication pieces that you have not yet developed. We take your data from whatever system(s) you have, in whatever format you choose, and then we build your business rules directly into our supplier interface.

ESIS is a hosted solution. That means you can deploy ESIS as a part of your supplier portal quickly with minimal IT involvement on your end. Even better, there's no software to install or maintain and no upgrade hassles or fees.

With ESIS, your suppliers and buyers have a single sign on to your portal, and they can access your documents from our system right there. They don't have to leave your site. Suppliers will be able to toggle back and forth between ESIS and your supplier interface. They'll send you response documents through ESIS-acknowledgments, advance ship notices, and even invoicesand all that information will go right back into your ERP/MRP system for your buyers to view. There's no new software for your buyers to learn.


ESIS provides customized data delivery for both you and your suppliers. As return-on-investment research shows, data integration into a company's back-end systems is a winner. How many ways can your suppliers currently receive data from your portal? Many suppliers want and need to receive data in a specific format in order to load it into their own systems. Not being able to download data in the format they need from proprietary portals decreases suppliers' efficiencies, and their customers eventually get the bill. ESIS technology can send your data to your suppliers in EDI, XML, or whatever customized format they choose.


ESIS offers front-line supplier support. Many companies do not have the resources to offer immediate and sustainable help desk support, supplier training, and process monitoring. ESIS telephone customer service support is available from 2:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PT. All phones are answered immediately by live customer support representatives.

Our customer support staff continuously works with your suppliers from signup to testing, to initial and ongoing training, reposting of documents, and on any questions related to the site.

Turn your proprietary portal into a universal supplier portal

Several recent surveys have shown that the single biggest eCommerce problem for the majority of suppliers is that they must log on to too many customer websites! ESIS solves this issue by setting up individual secure logins for your suppliers where they can pick up their orders from you as well as from their other customers at the same time. Currently 25,000+ suppliers receive orders from over 200 manufacturers using one login to ESIS' system.

Why should you care about this? Because using ESIS helps both you and your suppliers become more efficient. You will receive faster responses when suppliers are able to work with all their customers' documents from one central Internet work station. ESIS provides one-stop shopping document management for even for the most globally and multi-market extended supplier. This results in time and cost savings both you and your suppliers. Put simply, ESIS reduces the cost of doing business for both buyers and their trading partners, and that's a good thing for all concerned!