EDI Services at ESIS

Electronically link to all your suppliers
and count the savings!

If your company deals with 100 or more suppliers, ESIS can drastically reduce the time and money you spend processing purchase orders the "traditional" way.

ESIS, through our Harmony Order Management System or HOM, delivers data-purchase/change orders and acknowledgements, planning schedules, requests for quotes, advanced ship notices, invoices, and order status inquiries-between buyers and suppliers efficiently and reliably. ESIS also offers bar coding.

ESIS puts an end to faxing, follow up phone calls, and time spent chasing down lost orders. We track your orders for you, making sure your suppliers receive them. You'll no longer need to wonder if an order got to the right place or worry about whether that last fax you sent really went through.

ESIS works with any ERP/MRP System. With HOM, you simply create your orders in your own system the same way you always do and in any format-XML, SPEC2000, RosettaNet, EDI, etc. Once you create the order, ESIS picks up your data and delivers it to a secure web site. There your suppliers can pick up your documents along with orders from their other customers. A single login gives them access to all their orders, eliminating the need for the supplier to go to multiple customer web sites.

ESIS works for ALL your suppliers. ESIS' Internet capability means that even your suppliers who are technologically challenged can be quickly e-commerce enabled without having to purchase special software. All they need to use ESIS' HOM is a computer with Internet access and an email account. ESIS can also accommodate your suppliers who prefer to receive data directly via EDI/VAN. Our system is designed to create maximum efficiency for both you and your trading partners.

ESIS is affordable. Some supply chain solutions can cost more to implement than the actual cost of the software. ESIS' HOM is a hosted supply chain solution which means that there is no expensive software to purchase. Even though we customize the system to meet your needs and enforce your business rules, your implementation costs are minimal. Since we set up and train your suppliers for you, you are freed to focus on your core business rather than running a technical support desk for your trading partners. It's all included when you choose ESIS.

ESIS is a quick win. It's tough out there today. Companies looking for strategic advantage need to implement cost-saving systems quickly without overburdening their already-overloaded personnel. An ESIS implementation can be completed in 90-120 days with minimal effort required from your IT staff.

ESIS is a proven solution. Companies have used ESIS since 1992 to solve their procurement challenges and save millions of dollars in the process. Today over 200 complex manufacturers and 25,000 suppliers rely on ESIS to deliver their documents. The sophistication of our Harmony Order Management System (HOM) and our reputation for outstanding service have made us the proven choice for companies looking for a better way to do business!

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