EDI Services at ESIS

ESIS Supply Chain Solutions

Manufacturers have been using ESIS to increase their purchasing efficiency
for over twenty years.

ESIS' system, Harmony Order Management or HOM, serves as the gateway for the automated exchange of information between buyers and suppliers. HOM cuts through to the essence of Supply Chain Management creating more efficient communication between you and your direct and indirect suppliers. Today over 25,000 companies use ESIS to automate their supply chain processes!

Simply put, ESIS delivers data between you and your trading partners
in an efficient, affordable, proven way.

With ESIS, companies can electronically exchange all of their purchasing documents-everything from purchase orders to ship schedules. Since the ESIS solution is hosted, there is no expensive software to buy. ESIS works for suppliers of any size and regardless of their technical expertise.

Whether you're a buyer looking for a more efficient way of communicating with your large supply chain or a supplier who wants to electronically exchange data with just a few of your larger customers, ESIS has an answer for you!