EDI Services at ESIS

Rapid Manufacturing Launch Success

ESIS is pround to report the successful launch of
Rapid Manufacturing transactions.

Avion Global and Infinity Air

selects ESIS as their SPEC2000 provider.

Spirit AeroSystems expands their SPEC2000

customer base with Air India and Malaysia.

New HOM Rollouts

Precision Devices rolls out Arrow Invoice and Change Order.

ESIS enables Precision Devices to expand it's EDI relationships
with Arrow and Ericsson.

CMG integrates their Volkswagen Invoice (810) data via ESIS.

New HOM Feature

ESIS implements the latest HOM enhancement, the Print icon. Conveniently located in the HOM toolbar, this feature allows suppliers
to easily print single or multiple documents from their HOM account.

ESIS e-Procurement Survey

We surveyed over 1300 suppliers on a variety of questions relating to ESIS and e-Procurement. Here are some of the results.

Rate your experience with ESIS customer service.

  • 74% Immediately spoke with a representative, not put on hold.
  • 76% Immediately had my question/issue resolved.
  • 84% Felt Customer Service was friendly.
  • 83% Felt Customer Service was knowledgeable.
  • 81% Felt taken care of by ESIS.

How many different Websites/Portals do you log into in order to receive your orders from all your customers?

56% 2-5 web portals
19% 1 web portal
15% 5-10 web portals
4% 11+ web portals
5% I dont know

Please rank the top 3 reasons that you are doing electronic procurement (Web Portal, VAN/EDI, Direct Integration) with your customers.
1. It is a customer requirement.
2. For greater order processing efficiency.
3. For strategic advantage.