EDI Services at ESIS

ESIS, HOM and Your Return on Investment

Companies have used ESIS since 1992 to solve their procurement challenges and save millions of dollars in the process! The sophistication of our Harmony Order Management System (HOM) and our reputation for outstanding service has made us the proven choice for companies looking for a better way to do business.

How much can your company save? Ask our customers!

ESIS ROI Success Stories:

  • One division of Honeywell calculated $4 million in savings with ESIS in 2001. Seventeen divisions of Honeywell now use ESIS.
  • With ESIS, Cessna Aircraft was able to avoid hiring additional purchasing personnel while their company production increased by 250%.
  • Boeing Mesa tracked their ROI for their first two years after ESIS implementation and averaged over $2 million in savings.
  • Sikorsky Aircraft was able to cut their receiving time in half with 100% accurate ESIS bar codes.

Regardless of your current procedures, HOM will help you create efficiencies that translate into time, money, and marketplace advantage for your company.

ESIS Can Drastically Reduce Your Procurement Costs

ESIS can help you reduce or eliminate many of the costs associated with processing an order. With ESIS' efficiencies, your buyers are freed up to concentrate on more strategic procurement projects rather than chasing down lost orders or standing at the fax machine.

Should You Build or Buy A Supply Chain Management System?

Many companies have spent years and millions of dollars developing their own web procurement systems or implementing purchased systems. In the process, they have found that integration costs frequently run more than three times the initial software licensing fees or initial development costs. Your IT department must customize, implement, and maintain the system for your in-house users and for your trading partners.

Outsourcing-A Better Way

Outsourcing to ESIS gives you the advantage of a powerful, highly customized solution without the exorbitant upfront cost of a purchased system. The time required from your IT staff is minimal. ESIS hosts the application on our servers, handles all the product updates and maintenance, and provides telephone support for your suppliers. And we track your orders to ensure your suppliers receive them.

With ESIS, your suppliers have a common system that allows them to receive orders from all their customers in one place instead of from many proprietary systems. We've kept the supplier in mind so you can be assured of supplier acceptance-and the success of your e-commerce project!

Rapid Implementation Means Faster ROI

How quickly do you want to start saving money? ESIS can implement all of your suppliers and your core procurement documents in just 60 days providing you with a very rapid payback on your investment! ESIS provides the most cost effective solution with the greatest value, lower implementation costs, lower maintenance costs, and higher supplier acceptance!